Write Me

I’m begging you! haha jk, but seriously though….write me pretty please!




This is the most easiest way to contact me! Also, I will be sending out a mass weekly email (I only will be able to get to email once a week) of updates, pictures, and just how I’m doing! It’s pretty much going to be the same stuff you see here on my blog since this is what my family posts from my letters/emails, but it’s faster and conveniently sent to your inbox! Huzzah! I’d love you here from all of you and how you are doing too! (:



There is this amazing website called Dearelder.com where you can pretty much write me for free in the MTC and in the mission field (if you are using pouch mail). And even if you’re not wanting to use pouch mail, it only cost the price of a stamp–which is like $1.15 for Mexico? Just type your letter up on their website and send it off! Super Convenient!



MTC Address (until Sep. 16th):

Sister Camille Lynn Bunderson


2023 N 900 E Unit 836

Provo UT 84602

Mission Home Address:

Sister Camille Lynn Bunderson

Avenida Ramón Rivera Lara #7010

Fraccionamiento Las Asequias

32617 Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua


Pouch Mail Address:

Sister Camille Lynn Bunderson

Mexico Ciudad Juarez Mission

POB 30150

Salt Lake City UT 84130-0150



My wonderful mission president has a box in El Paso, Texas. This makes shipping costs soooo much less expensive for those of you who know the pains of trying to ship anything international.

700 N Zaragosa -N #188

El Paso TX, 79907



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