God Knows You!

 As I’ve been in and out of the mission president’s office for the past few months, one thing he said always stood out to me. As the mission president and I sat thinking for a little bit, suddenly he grabbed out a black marker and a piece of copy paper and wrote, “GOD KNOWS YOU!”

As I saw what he wrote on the paper, I was pretty much confused thinking, “Yeah, I already know that, how is that supposed to help me?” As a missionary, the first thing you teach is that we have a loving Heavenly Father, who loves us and helps us in our lives. He loves us so much that he gave his Only Begotten Son to die for us that we may have eternal life. We can pray to Him, He is waiting to hear us and help us so He can pour out the blessings of heaven upon us!

So for a while I was stuck thinking, “I already know this with all my heart, that’s why I’m here. Why do I need to keep hearing this over and over again? What is it that He wants me to learn?” I think I’m just beginning to understand what it means to have a loving Heavenly Father.

John 3:16 “For God so loved the world….” First of all. WE ARE SO LOVED!!!! If you haven’t yet felt this love He has for you, go to Him in prayer and ask him in sincere prayer. I can tell you right now, knowing that God loves me has over and over changed the course of my life! He has cared for my through my trials and lifted me on my feet, answered my prayers, and continues to guide the course in my life. He encircles us with the arms of his love! We are children of God! He loves us more in a single moment than anyone else could in a lifetime! “God is love” (1 John 4:10) I can’t even express my gratitude of all the blessings our Heavenly Father has blessed me with, and I feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to go to Mexico and help them come to know Him! It’s the most amazing experience I’ve ever had to preach this gospel!

And so now, upon getting home unexpectedly without much plans or anything, I’ve been filled a bit with a lot of worry for year 2015 and what I’m going to do for work and school, getting a car, reconnecting with everybody, and figuring out how to still be a missionary in my hometown. It’s been weird to say the least. And I don’t have much idea what I’m going to do with my future. And then the lesson in church, along with support from friends and family, was just what I needed perfectly!

There is a big difference between knowing that we have a Heavenly Father to having that knowledge engraved on our hearts to applying it in every aspect in out lives. And what I needed to know is not that God knows me, but that He understands perfectly my situation. He truly understands us and will take us by the hand and lead us along. He will provide and light the way through moments of darkness.

Something I’ve been faltering in recently is that we can wholly trust in his promises. He will never fail us. We can stop worrying and give our worries and troubles for the future, for the past, and the present to our Heavenly Father and trust in the perfect plan He has prepared for us!

So my goal #1 for year 2015 is to trust more fully in our Father, to turn to Him in prayer daily, and give him my silly worries so I can follow His plan for me. I hope we all in some way can focus on Him a little more this year. I know with all my heart and soul that God is our Heavenly Father and we are his precious children and is so willing to help us along our journey of life as we put our trust in Him.

Don’t you forget! God Knows You!

Love, Cami


A New Start a New Year

Well hey everyone!
For the past few months I’ve been talking to the mission president Derbez, and after lots of prayers and temple visits, I got the answer to my prayer of whether I needed to go home. And so, after packing the night of New Year’s, I was on a plane headed home to Utah and see my family the first of January. And guess who was at the airport?! Hermana Steele my companion from the MTC! …and my amazing family of course!

And then the next evening (since I got back home at 11:30 at night) I was then honorably released from the mission. Oh my goodness, It was hard taking that plaque of and being released. But don’t you all worry, I know this is where I’m supposed to be, and I ain’t ever going to stop being a missionary!

I can tell you all right now that even though I know that our Heavenly Father answered my prayers that I needed to be home, being in the mission for 5 months was truly an adventure and the hardest, but best time of my life. I met the best people I have ever met in this short time, and I miss everyone so much! I miss everything about Mexico!

Today I was starting to feel the coming home blues, so tonight I went to the Ogden temple with my mom, and ah I could just feel the spirit so strong there. I know that Heavenly Father has a perfect plan for each one of us, and that He loves us more than we can even measure or imagine! Even for a crazy sister missionary who went home early. He knows you!

I’m sure sure what the future brings with everything right now, but I can follow His plan for me, whether that means going back out into the mission field one day or being a missionary here in my hometown.

Love you all! Always a missionary at heart, Cami

Experiencias de una Misionera in Niños Héroes

Stories! what ya´ll really want to here from me haha
The Funny:
One day this week, we prayed that people would find us instead of us finding them. Needless to say we forgot to say the part that we want people ready for the gospel to find us and not just random, not ready people.  So speed walking down the Street to an appointment we were a little late to, we were stopped by almost everyone. A member, a random guy on a bicycle, and more. While we were inviting the guy on the bicycle to stake conference that was this last Sunday, some guy was waving us to come talk to him by his house. We werent going to go over an talk to him because we were late and aint got time for crazies and all, but he kind of stopped us. So, and here is where it gets kind of funny. So this guy has started a church and knows that our church has money, so he wants the help of our church to give his church chairs. Because his church just has a dirt floor and no chairs. While my companion was talking to him, one of his son´s came out and started hitting on me….super awkward. But then his other son came out too who was playing guitar inside and starts talking to us too. Apparently this son, who is 27 and speaks very eloquently, is the profet of this said church. They also brought out a giant horn which they use to heal people when the profet blows on it. So I guess we were healed haha. After that, this profet started hitting on me too breaking the ice by saying I looked like his friend and showed me a picture on his phone of some photoshopped asian girl. Weird. This all happened within 5 minutes in the street. Awkward right?
The Really Sad:
Okay guys. Just don´t leave the church, especially for stupid reasons. Like oh my goodness we had just one real hard day this week where all this went down. So Saturday we were visting and going around to people and giving them invitation to the Stake conference. So we went to this family, this cute older couple that just reciently ha been coming back to church since we´ve been visiting them. And everything has been good. But they just said how they needed to talk to us, and said how they are never going to come to church anymore because they asked the bishop if they could switch out of gospel principles class because they feel kind of bored their because they think only new, stupid people just go to that class and they know everything…which isnt true right there…but anyways, the bishop was really busy during church like always and asked if he could just talk to them later. So after that, they were really offended and never coming back. And another lady, a member, said she is never going to come either because someone took her marker and forgot to give it back….
….just what?  so we got a lot work to do to help them. But it is just so crazy and so sad. Yeah, I don´t know, just go to church people. fo reals.
And The Spiritual!:
So this experience just shows to me how powerful the Book of Mormon really is! So, a few weeks ago we got a reference from one of our investigators for her neighbor, Simona, who is awesome. It is true, she and her husband, Benito, are amazing! From the first time we met with them, they said how they wanted to know which out of all the churches was true. From that time in the last 2 weeks, she has been coming to some of our weekly activities, she showed us how to make tamales, and we brought over stuff and made chocolate chip cookies with them and their grandsons and granddaughter! We also last week invited them to read the Book of Mormon, briefly saying how it will truly bless their lives and that they´ll know the church is true if they read it. We didn´t even get to ever teaching about what the Book of Mormon is or Joseph Smith or anything, but when we gave it to them, they were so grateful and said they would read it. Benito even said, I´ll read it in a day, and if I don´t finish it in a day, I will read in in 2! Amazing right? Just yesterday we got to talk with them again and we asked where they were at in the Book of Mormon, and they said they are about halfway through. In a week! haha Simona was even saying how she sometimes even falls to sleep with it. Also they said how they never wanted to know about religión or anything before we met them but now they want it so much and want to be a part of our church and they already see how it has blessed their lives. Ahh, I can´t even think of how to say how amazing this is and all else that went on with them!
This Halloween, suddenly we had a meeting with all the missionaries in the Ciudad Juarez part of the mission. Some 150 missionaries! This kind of meeting doesnt happen that often! It was pretty sweet just meeting a lot of missionaries and seeing everyone I already knew and everything! Though I forgot to bring my camera…sorry mom…
So some random facts about the Ciudad Juarez Mission.
It is the healthiest mission in Mexico
The highest retention rate of converts in latin america, 80 percent
Also the best in family history.
And the good news…because of this we get the reward of being able to go to baptisms in the temple sometime! YAYAYAYAY!
Anyway, I love you all! Ask me some questions, Im kind of really terrible at knowing what to write about sometimes. The struggle is real!
Con amor siempre,
Hermana Bunderson

You can see it in their eyes!

This last Saturday it was the baptisms of our investigators, Hermana Patlan and her daughter Juanita. The husband is a member and is amazing. And not even a while ago her experience with the missionaries was her running from them. And recieving lessons from the missionaries was “I am not going to be baptized!” Yup. After a while, they started teaching her again. They barely accepted the invitation to be baptized just before I got to this área. So I only got to see just a part of her experience but just teaching her almost everyday before her baptism you could see the change in her eyes. You really can see the light of Christ in her eyes. And it was so amazing to just be there for their baptism, and at their house everyday, they are so sweet and amazing. The gospel really does change lives! Nothing beats seeing that as a missionary. Missionary work is really hard sometimes, but that is what makes everything, and I mean everything worth it!

And besides that everything is going good! Spanish is getting there. I’m able understand a lot and talk a lot more. Though my grammer is terrible haha. Luckily I have my companion to translate for me sometimes!

My Schedule is pretty much standard missionary Schedule except we HAVE to be back at our house at 9pm. (every body says they are really afraid for us being out past dark at like 7, probably for really good reason, but we haven’t had any bad experiences. Pinky promise.  Everything else is normal. We leave at 12pm hit a couple of appointments before lunch at 2. and then work the rest of the day. And that is how it goes. The life. 🙂

And my food addiction. I love beans, rice, and chicken with tortillas. They are amazing and the staple of life here. I love it. But usually we have something different everyday. Though I don’t like chizaron. Fried fat. gross. But besides that I haven’t tried anything too crazy. Oh and there is some pretty cool fruit here. Like guayava and tuna, you think being so close to the border they would have it in America, but nope.

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Sorry for not writing last week, there was literally no time because we were up at the mission office.  And now I have less then an hour to write. Lo siento.
Ill start with how I have a new companion! Say what? Yes! Its Hermana Sutton and she is from Brigham City Utah! Crazy! Its like we are practically related haha. She is awesome! A little backstory, I transfered Monday night after going to a baptism at the church and then I literally had 15 minutes to pack. Crazy. So now Im in the area called Niños Heroes, just a little bit below my last area. It has been awesome! Oh and our little casa is literally a furnished house. It is amazing.
And…..drumroll please….we went to the temple! Believe it! It wa because a Hermana in our ward got permission from us from the president to go with her as she went through the temple! I almost forgot how much I loved the temple, the spirit was so strong there!
Conference was amazing! Conference is 10 times cooler here on the mission. And I listened to the first session saturday morning in spanish, but then my prayers were answered and someone brought us a laptop so my and Hermana Ellsworth who has been out about 3 months, could listen to conference in English!
Spanish is going well! Im getting a little bit relaxed on learning spanish since my companion now speaks English, but im still learning a lot. I just need to practice more haha. But Im understanding Spanish really well now! Just not speaking it. haha
Things are going amazing! Im truly loving it here! It feels like Ive been here longer than just 3 weeks today. Love you all! And sorry I didnt write much today. Just know that I love you, and Ill talk to yall next week!
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Vivo en México!

So I’m not sure where to start…yeah. A lot of things happened since last Monday. So the first day in Mexico was pretty much insane. Like you don’t really realize what culture shock is until you experience it for yourself. From the moment we went from our transfer from Monterray to Ciudad Juarez, everything was is spanish–and I understood pretty much nothing! And landing in Juarez, the alarm was going of and everyone evacuated the building while we were getting our luggage in baggage claim and we still don’t know what happened there. But from that point we went to the mission home and met President Derbez and his wife there. (And let me tell you, the mission home is gorgeous. My interior design and architecture self almost died right there). Anyways after all that, we ended up spending the night at the hotel (which was pretty nice too–the bed I swear was made in heaven) and spend the last night with my companion Hermana Steele. (Shout-out to Hermana Steele 😉 haha )

The next day we got assigned companions! And my companion is…drumroll….Hermana Ramirez! She’s pretty cool! She speaks about as much english as I do spanish. We *attempt* to speak english in our apartment and spanish outside the apartment. Oh and our apartment arriving there was pretty gross, like no-one cleaned it…ever. but I’m working on it haha. I have picture’s of the apartment! You’re welcome 😉
Oh and the first day I’m pretty sure I was still is shock with the spanish because I didn’t understand hardly anything, but after a couple days my spanish is already getting a lot better. Though I’m not even close to knowing spanish. I understand the main concept of what people are saying and I know just enough to participate *most of the time* in lessons and such. And the people here are so nice and friendly! And the members are amazing, and have such amazing conversion stories! The members feed us lunch every day, and the food here is amazing! No joke. Come to Mexico. Amazing Food. And I haven’t gotten sick or anything yet! haha 🙂
It is truly crazy how much we walk in one day! Because that is what we do. One day I need to find one of those step counters so see how much miles we walk in a day. Good thing I have some comfy shoes, or else I would want to chop off my feet and die. Though sometimes the heat kills me here. It’s like 72 degrees right now in the morning because it is cloudy and it rained, and my companion thinks it’s kind of cold. Let that just sink in. haha Needless to say it’s going to take a while for me to get used to walking in the heat all day because it is always hot here. (though you think I would be tan by now? but no..sigh) Can’t wait for winter!
It rained about 3 times since I’ve been here. The water floods parts of the roads. I’m waiting to watch as people drive through the water to see if it ever floods the motor. I’m truly surprised it hasn’t happened yet. I need to take a picture to show you how deep it gets in some little places! It is crazy, but I love it! Rain is amazing, so much better than the hot sun!
This is kind of random but the icecream here is amazing! I had pina ice cream–some kind of nut/seed that I never had before! Amazing.
And Lastly, here is a funny story. So, President Derbez is a very interesting character. So a couple days ago, He shows up to our lil apartment to pick up some of the things the other hermanas before us left (I think). I just had finished cooking potatoes in a pan (like I do) and then he asked me for a potato. I give him one and all I understood was that you can cook a potato in 4 minutes. Takes the potato, spends maybe 7 minutes cleaning our nasty microwave that we haven’t used yet, and then cooks me a potato…after I just made potatoes.  hahaha wow. solo wow.
Love you all! Just know that I’m doing good! The work is really hard here because we pretty much started from the bottom when we got here, so we struggle finding people to teach all day, but we are working hard and now we have about 6 new investigators! I love these people so much! I can’t even explain it! I don’t even know what they are saying most of the time, but I love them, I’m liking Juarez, and things are just good–even though it’s really hard!
Con Amor (with love)
Hermana Bunderson
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