You can see it in their eyes!

This last Saturday it was the baptisms of our investigators, Hermana Patlan and her daughter Juanita. The husband is a member and is amazing. And not even a while ago her experience with the missionaries was her running from them. And recieving lessons from the missionaries was “I am not going to be baptized!” Yup. After a while, they started teaching her again. They barely accepted the invitation to be baptized just before I got to this área. So I only got to see just a part of her experience but just teaching her almost everyday before her baptism you could see the change in her eyes. You really can see the light of Christ in her eyes. And it was so amazing to just be there for their baptism, and at their house everyday, they are so sweet and amazing. The gospel really does change lives! Nothing beats seeing that as a missionary. Missionary work is really hard sometimes, but that is what makes everything, and I mean everything worth it!

And besides that everything is going good! Spanish is getting there. I’m able understand a lot and talk a lot more. Though my grammer is terrible haha. Luckily I have my companion to translate for me sometimes!

My Schedule is pretty much standard missionary Schedule except we HAVE to be back at our house at 9pm. (every body says they are really afraid for us being out past dark at like 7, probably for really good reason, but we haven’t had any bad experiences. Pinky promise.  Everything else is normal. We leave at 12pm hit a couple of appointments before lunch at 2. and then work the rest of the day. And that is how it goes. The life. 🙂

And my food addiction. I love beans, rice, and chicken with tortillas. They are amazing and the staple of life here. I love it. But usually we have something different everyday. Though I don’t like chizaron. Fried fat. gross. But besides that I haven’t tried anything too crazy. Oh and there is some pretty cool fruit here. Like guayava and tuna, you think being so close to the border they would have it in America, but nope.

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