Sorry for not writing last week, there was literally no time because we were up at the mission office.  And now I have less then an hour to write. Lo siento.
Ill start with how I have a new companion! Say what? Yes! Its Hermana Sutton and she is from Brigham City Utah! Crazy! Its like we are practically related haha. She is awesome! A little backstory, I transfered Monday night after going to a baptism at the church and then I literally had 15 minutes to pack. Crazy. So now Im in the area called Niños Heroes, just a little bit below my last area. It has been awesome! Oh and our little casa is literally a furnished house. It is amazing.
And…..drumroll please….we went to the temple! Believe it! It wa because a Hermana in our ward got permission from us from the president to go with her as she went through the temple! I almost forgot how much I loved the temple, the spirit was so strong there!
Conference was amazing! Conference is 10 times cooler here on the mission. And I listened to the first session saturday morning in spanish, but then my prayers were answered and someone brought us a laptop so my and Hermana Ellsworth who has been out about 3 months, could listen to conference in English!
Spanish is going well! Im getting a little bit relaxed on learning spanish since my companion now speaks English, but im still learning a lot. I just need to practice more haha. But Im understanding Spanish really well now! Just not speaking it. haha
Things are going amazing! Im truly loving it here! It feels like Ive been here longer than just 3 weeks today. Love you all! And sorry I didnt write much today. Just know that I love you, and Ill talk to yall next week!
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