Vivo en México!

So I’m not sure where to start…yeah. A lot of things happened since last Monday. So the first day in Mexico was pretty much insane. Like you don’t really realize what culture shock is until you experience it for yourself. From the moment we went from our transfer from Monterray to Ciudad Juarez, everything was is spanish–and I understood pretty much nothing! And landing in Juarez, the alarm was going of and everyone evacuated the building while we were getting our luggage in baggage claim and we still don’t know what happened there. But from that point we went to the mission home and met President Derbez and his wife there. (And let me tell you, the mission home is gorgeous. My interior design and architecture self almost died right there). Anyways after all that, we ended up spending the night at the hotel (which was pretty nice too–the bed I swear was made in heaven) and spend the last night with my companion Hermana Steele. (Shout-out to Hermana Steele 😉 haha )

The next day we got assigned companions! And my companion is…drumroll….Hermana Ramirez! She’s pretty cool! She speaks about as much english as I do spanish. We *attempt* to speak english in our apartment and spanish outside the apartment. Oh and our apartment arriving there was pretty gross, like no-one cleaned it…ever. but I’m working on it haha. I have picture’s of the apartment! You’re welcome 😉
Oh and the first day I’m pretty sure I was still is shock with the spanish because I didn’t understand hardly anything, but after a couple days my spanish is already getting a lot better. Though I’m not even close to knowing spanish. I understand the main concept of what people are saying and I know just enough to participate *most of the time* in lessons and such. And the people here are so nice and friendly! And the members are amazing, and have such amazing conversion stories! The members feed us lunch every day, and the food here is amazing! No joke. Come to Mexico. Amazing Food. And I haven’t gotten sick or anything yet! haha 🙂
It is truly crazy how much we walk in one day! Because that is what we do. One day I need to find one of those step counters so see how much miles we walk in a day. Good thing I have some comfy shoes, or else I would want to chop off my feet and die. Though sometimes the heat kills me here. It’s like 72 degrees right now in the morning because it is cloudy and it rained, and my companion thinks it’s kind of cold. Let that just sink in. haha Needless to say it’s going to take a while for me to get used to walking in the heat all day because it is always hot here. (though you think I would be tan by now? but no..sigh) Can’t wait for winter!
It rained about 3 times since I’ve been here. The water floods parts of the roads. I’m waiting to watch as people drive through the water to see if it ever floods the motor. I’m truly surprised it hasn’t happened yet. I need to take a picture to show you how deep it gets in some little places! It is crazy, but I love it! Rain is amazing, so much better than the hot sun!
This is kind of random but the icecream here is amazing! I had pina ice cream–some kind of nut/seed that I never had before! Amazing.
And Lastly, here is a funny story. So, President Derbez is a very interesting character. So a couple days ago, He shows up to our lil apartment to pick up some of the things the other hermanas before us left (I think). I just had finished cooking potatoes in a pan (like I do) and then he asked me for a potato. I give him one and all I understood was that you can cook a potato in 4 minutes. Takes the potato, spends maybe 7 minutes cleaning our nasty microwave that we haven’t used yet, and then cooks me a potato…after I just made potatoes.  hahaha wow. solo wow.
Love you all! Just know that I’m doing good! The work is really hard here because we pretty much started from the bottom when we got here, so we struggle finding people to teach all day, but we are working hard and now we have about 6 new investigators! I love these people so much! I can’t even explain it! I don’t even know what they are saying most of the time, but I love them, I’m liking Juarez, and things are just good–even though it’s really hard!
Con Amor (with love)
Hermana Bunderson
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