The Banana Bandit

(Don’t worry I’ll explain the above title in a moment)

So this week went by soooooooo (emphasis on the so) fast! For half of Friday I had the belief that it was still a Tuesday, like no way it was already Friday. This week has been good! Spanish is coming along slowly but pretty well and things are just awesome. Not the most productive week I’ve had, but it was hilarious. And it’s too bad because most of the hilarious events that happened would be pretty awkward to tell ya’ll over email…so sorry bout that, but it’s for the best. Just know that this week was hilarious! If you really want to know more you can write me, so hah.
One event I can tell you is the story of the banana bandit. Our classroom has fallen victim twice this week to this elder (his name yet to be known). In the evening, while we are “diligengently” studying in our classroom. Suddenly someone opens our door real fast and throws in the nastiest refrigerated brown banana you have ever seen. The first time it struck, it hit Hermana Hansen. We are now on banana watch to find out who it is and catch this mad man. Like we are ready to chase them down the street if necessary and throw one of their bananas back at them. And that is the story, so I’ll update you on the result next week.
Oh and on Tuesday me and Hermana Steele went up to main campus. We went to their bookstore, and their little clothing store (I got a skirt!), and ate the food there. Let me just say this, the food and selection at the main campus MTC is so much better. I could just live there. They had everything I could ever want. I had cafe rio style salad and randomly, fries. I followed my heart and got everything my little heart could desire. You don’t get that kind of selection here at west campus, you just don’t…
And Thursday was my little adventure out into the real world to go to the Mexican Consulate for Visa stuff. So a group of us 17 elders and me being the only Hermana, ventured out into the real world for the first time. We rode the front runner up to Murray central and then took the trax to the bees stadium and then walks a couple blocks to the consulate. And grabbed a Maverick sandwich on the way. And apparently being a missionary is like celebrity status haha everyone waves and everyone just talks to you. So that’s pretty cool! And on the way back I got to meet Spiderman!
And one of our teachers, Hermano Snyder is leaving this Monday. So we covered his motorcycle in sticky notes and all of us are going to write him letters for when he leaves. Also, we are throwing him a fiesta on Monday! Woot Woot! 
And just to end, yesterday I had just the most amazing spiritual experience. We went as a class in the afternoon up to the Wyview chapel. But the moment we stepped in there you could noticeably feel the spirit so strong. It felt like a temple–that alone was amazing. And we were learning about revelation through church attendance and our teachers gave us a tour of the church (in spanish as always) and it was kind of awkward and none of us really knew what was going on, but the spirit was so stong in that quiet little church building. And then we got to the chapel and we talked about idk what, but then Hermano Snyder sang “Come Follow Me.” During that song, I suddenly remembered my question I took to the temple on the last P-day. It’s kind of too personal to talk about over email, but it was amazing and the answer so clear. And then Hermana Steele and I got the chance to give a tour to Hermano Synder, just being himself and talking about his struggles in life. The spirit was so strong, and we all were crying, and we stopped talking in spanish because we couldn’t find the words we needed to say in anything but english. I’m telling you right now, that the Holy Ghost can really speak through you. And the calling of a missionary is real, and missionary really are doing the Lord’s work here and throughout the world. Church is true. I wish I could bring everyone with me that day, just so they could feel the spirit there–It was almost tangible. Yo se que la iglesia es verdadera.
Con Amor, Hermana Bunderson
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