I’m doing awesome everyone! Like literally no worries, fo’ reals it’s weird, but good!

P-day is the best thing that could ever happen in the MTC. We woke up at like 5:15 so we could do our laundry so we could do whateves in the day. It was pouring rain this morning! So cool! And then we had service, and then temple, and then lunch at main campus, printed off some emails to read, and then took a nap, and now I’m here! Good stuff! 🙂 
Choir is pretty sweet! We sing every Sunday, and do practices on tuesdays! Somehow we always end up on the first row. So if somehow you can watch the mtc devotionals, do it…..watch me. I want to be famous…..
And okay, in choir practice I met a girl that is from El Paso and went to Ciudad Juarez all the time!  She went there to go on temple visits all the time and she has sweet mexi dress (not maxi, mexi) and said they’re only like 1-2 dollars each. So you best believe I will have a traditional mexican dress shopping spree before I leave!
Last Sunday the hermanas in our district sang a musical number in sacrament meeting, “I know that my Redeemer lives” and it was so amazing! It was partially in spanish and in english, and Hermana Steele gave the third verse in a solo! 🙂
“I’ve never had a district with this much energy and personality.” -One of our teachers, Hermano Snyder. Nothing sums it our district better. We have focusing issues sometimes, and random fiestas, playing in the rain parties, donut eating, and yeahhhh. But come on, studying gets real old real fast and everyone likes donuts! haha 😉   <—-not sure if winky faces are missionary appropriate but whatever.
Bonnie Oscarson aka the YWs president came and spoke to us for devotional this last tuesday, so that was cool!
In our branch presidency, there this man named Brother Monson (nephew to the President Tommy Monson) who is my favorite. He is the most amazing at stories. He goes of onto a thousand tangents and you think his story is going nowhere…until the very end where everything comes together perfectly, but there is no way anyone but himself can explain the story again. For example he once started off talking (just talking, he doesn’t even plan it) and saying how “everything you need to know in life you can learn from three movies: Miracle on 34th street, It’s a Wonderful life, and White Christmas. Anything else you can learn from MASH.” and then somehow gets into a deep story and simply amazes you with the moral significance. Also he said that thomas s monson is one of those people that always spills on their shirt. FACT!
As hermanas in our district, we have a hatred for just one rule in the women’s dressing and grooming guidelines, which is shaving our legs….yep its a rule. Makeup is also highly encouraged. but they crossed the line when they said we need to shave our legs. Ain’t nobody got time for dat!  Really tho, we only get like 20 minutes to get ready in the morning–including if we want to shower or anything.
Things I need to try when I get home in 17 1/2 months:  Okay, there is like this german chocolate that they sell at the little creamery store here called bueno. it’s hazelnut flavored and like ferrero chocolate, but better. Also, swig cookies–the best sugar cookies you could ever taste in your life. Galletas es vida! And yesterday, an elder from St. George told me of this magical (at least I think so) drink containing dr. pepper, coconut flavor, and a little bit of cream. If you know how much I loooove dr. pepper, you could have imagined my reaction to this.
Everything is gratefully and honestly doing awesome here. Like I’ve had no worries, even with spanish…which I’m not that amazing at. But I’ve learned so much just within 3 short weeks. Everything is in spanish in class, we pray in spanish, we learn in spanish, we teach in spanish, we sleep in spanish (jk haha 😉 at least not yet!) Time really flies by, and it’s so fun. I love teaching the lessons to the investigors in class, we also made other appointments with more investigators (though they are actors, but still so nice and awesome) outside of class. Studying is long, but good. My district is the best, we are like family. I love you all! I miss you! but not too much 😉
Love, Hermana Bunderson
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