Fo Reals! I was looking in the dictionary one day and found that little piece of info that blew my mind! 😉 Okay, and this week was really super eventful, so in order to make sure I don’t forget anything cool, I’ll write it out day by day!

Sunday: are the busiest day’s of a missionaries existence! You are literally on the go or studying all hours of the day. And since me and my companion are the zone sister training leaders we had to go to 4 additional leadership meetings because we are so cool. So I didn’t really have time to study or chill at all. Seriously. We even missed choir because we wanted to eat food.  The awesome part of it was having an epic devotional that evening where the speaker called up converts on the spot who before they were converted and now missionaries, they didn’t believe in God. It was really amazing stories. The church is true is all I can pretty much say about that. And after the devotional we got to pick what video we wanted to watch, so our district watched “character of christ” by Bednar. So good! it’s probably over an hour long, but if you have time (maybe FHE or something) watch it! Literally the best talk I’ve ever heard! 
We found 4 more elders that are going to Ciudad Juarez that are not in my district! Mom: one of them is the one like medieros? or something from FB! So there is a total of 10 missionaries going to the same mission as me! Huzzah! 🙂
Monday: Btw my companion is awesome! And I loooovvvvee the other hermanas in my district! We are all so close! And pretty much my district is hilarious, not to brag or anything haha 😉 Oh and today we were teaching our investigator again and I was so prepared and everything, but literally 30 seconds before going in to teach her while me and Hermana Steele were studying in the back room together, our new teacher that day brother snyder told us we couldn’t use notes at all. I don’t know why, but suddenly I became so stressed and started crying and hyperventillating and just couldn’t stop. But Brother Snyder was so kind and helped for for over an hour to comfort me and let me know to have faith in the Lord. We even listened to Consider the Lilies from his Ipod and read a scripture D&C 84: 82-83, and 85. It was so good and so humbling. The other hermanas came in too and we had like a little spiritual testimony pow-pow. And when we finally went in there to teach Chari (our investigator) three hours later it was so good. We didn’t have anything prepared or anything, and we didn’t know like any spanish, but it was so spiritual and just so good. I felt at peace. And afterwords, things were just so good…like we were so dang happy! Dinner was awesome, we disobidiently ate cookies as a district outside during study time and opened our packages. I also got some letters! It was soo good! Good day.
Tuesday: Today my companion Hermana Steele had to go to SLC for her visa thing, so I was with the other two hermanas in our district! We were the 3 amigas! While waiting for them to finish their lesson with Chari that day, I was just chilling with the teacher in the park waiting for them. And then he told me to contact the two “visitors” in the park! So now I have a appointment on tuesday! Huzzah! It was all by myself too! 🙂 After my companion got back, we got to go to choir! We sang “nearer our God to thee” and it was pretty fun, even though I can’t sing haha 🙂 Oh and somehow my music sheet disappeared magically in like two seconds. I believe it’s the manifestations of my beginner magical abilities like in Harry Potter, if that makes sense! if not, just go with it haha 😉
Wednesday: We got four new hermanas in our zone! So we got to do orientation with them and give them the tour! So that was super cool! Oh and we also contacted Marco right before our lesson with Chari, so we have another appointment monday morning. We played district kickball too so that was epic! We lost, but whateves haha…But I will get my revenge one day! 😉 Today overall was same same though, so much studying (like 10 hours of it). We had a district fiesta outside because everyone was brain dead. So we had salsa and chips and doughnuts haha 😉 
Thursday: Funniest day of my entire life. hahaha Today us hermanas were literally rolling on the floor laughing! hahahaha we played MASH for Hermana Steele’s future when we finished everything and didn’t want to do any more of that nasty studying! I’ll forward you the pic of her future 😉 And the whole time the elders were trying to break in to the room to see what we were up to, so we had to improvise. You just had to be there, we were dying on the floor with laughter. torilla=omlette. I win!!!! lol Anyways, our district taught the new district for two hours about the missionary purpose because they didn’t have a teacher! So that was kind of cool…kind of…if teaching people is your thing 😉 Chari is now our teacher! Crazy right! And apparently she’s not mexican, she’s samoan. haha And her name is Sarah Toalafoa. Kind of weird, and she pretty much lied to all of us, but we still love her!  Oh there is a elder here that looks EXACTLY like the guy from fault in our stars!!!! For reals! Even his facial expressions and everything! Also that night us hermanas spent an hour cracking each others backs by standing on each other and that overall night was just hilarious. we were insane. I would blame drugs but I’m in the mtc and they don’t have that stuff here 😉
Friday: Was kind of a stressful day. Not that eventful. Everyone just really wanted P-day. We also played district v. district kickball with the new district and we lost soooo bad. Everyone in their district is super sporty and we are only somewhat kind of sporty. haha idk what I’m saying
Saturday: Today! It’s p-day so it’s automatically the best. We went to an endowment session at the temple in the morning. Did service (aka cleaning the classrooms). Printed off some emails to read so it wouldn’t take up all my time for emailing. Ate lunch at the main campus, and oh my gosh is their cafeteria huge! There is so many options for food! Did laundy, and now we are here!
Love you all! Hopefully my letter was somewhat understandable! Spanish is going good! 🙂 I’ll send you pictures! 🙂 
Hermana Cami Bunderson
(the cooliest hermana in existence jk haha)

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