1st Week at MTC!!

IMG_0698 IMG_0700 IMG_0701IMG_0693 IMG_0677 IMG_0680 IMG_0683 IMG_0686 Hola! How is everything? Que pasa? haha I miss you all! But not too much thankfully! 😉 The West campus is awesome! All of the spanish speaking missionaries go there, and it’s all in apartments so it’s real cool! It’s pretty dang crazy that I’ve already have been here for 4 days–I’m already speaking in spanglish haha ;), but seriously though, I know 100% more Spanish than I did just under a week ago! Estoy bien! 🙂

 My companion is the girl I met over Facebook because she was going to the same mission as me! Hermana Steele! 😀 It is awesome how we ended up being companions, and by the way, she is amazing! There are two other hermanas in my district-which is like our class, and also we four hermanas are the only ones in our zone! That surprised me a ton! I was super surprised that there weren’t more sisters here!
My district has 12 people in it and we all are stuffed into a class with is actually a small apartment living room haha…so it’s a little squishy! My district is fun though! You can tell the elders are all 18 but they are so respectful and gentlemen to us hermanas! Oh and half of the elders have nicknames lol  Like Elder Mcelhaney is Elder Mack Danny because his name is too hard to remember sometimes! And Elder Imlay is elder indian haha
The apartments we stay in are pretty nice, there is storage space galore–even in the bathroom! There is literally like a closet the size of a pantry in our bathroom haha 🙂 Anyways, my district is so fun! it’s like a fiesta all the time–though like a spiritual fiesta where there is no dancing allowed haha 😉
The first thing I realized when i unpacked is that i have so much stuff. i literally have no time to do anything with hair and makeup (think under 25 minutes to wake up and be out the door).  I’m definitely going to have to send stuff home before I go to mexico, because i will not even use them. Though mom, I’m going to need ‘dem ugly sister missionary shoes after all. My feet hurt 😦 Funny story while i’m talking about shoes though, my companion, Hermana Steele, and I were walking to the main campus because she needed her typhoid shot still. They just barely laid out new asphalt at the intersection in front of the MTC, and as we were walking across the street, the heat from the asphalt burned a hole through one of her shoes and her sock! It is a hole the size of a quarter! Yeah….she ain’t going to be wearing those shoes no more! haha no worries though, she didn’t burn her feet or anything! 🙂
Another funny story, the second night our smoke alarm went off in the middle of the night like 3 times. It was terrible! I was too lazy to even get out of bed, so luckily there wasn’t a fire or anything because I would’ve died haha 😉
Already we have taught an “investigator” in spanish!  Huzzah! We actually like taught her for like 20 minutes! Time flew by so fast! One of the elders in our district forgot to bring his scriptures into the meeting so their lesson was only like 5 minutes because that was what their whole lesson was based on! haha funny 🙂
 And then my companion and I already gave a devotional for our district. It was based off of her favorite mormon message: wrong roads by Jeffery R Holland. Watch it! soo good 🙂 My companion and I also got put in as the new sister training leaders for our zone. I’m also senior companion just because I was born earlier in the year, crazy huh?
Haha the elders in my district think I have a spanish accent and am from latin decent somehow because I sound like JLo (Jennifer Lopez) hahahaha….I have no words for this! XD
Today is my P-day (Saturday)! It will be that way for all of the time in the MTC! So write me emails! 🙂 Anyways, since today was P-day it is super chill! We got to go to the temple this morning and do some initiatories, so that was amazing! I love the temple! 🙂
Also the food here is delicious! Better than Top Ramen and hotdogs for sure haha! I think I’ll never leave! jk ;)…though I’m probably going to get fat here. :/
Oh quick spanish lesson! Pecado=sin   but…. pescado=fish! haha it’s an inside joke that I don’t know how to explain, but oh well!
No worries about pictures! My district takes a lot of them….haha we take selfies 😉 Family: I really did forget my charger….please send me it! My camera is dead 😦 But anyways, my district will be emailing our pictures to each other so there will be a lot of pictures to send you all…eventually haha 😉
I love it here! it’s super crazy and it feels like school sometimes because it’s so busy and sooo much spanish! But it’s good at the same time! This is where I know I should be!
Con Amor,
Hermana Cami Bunderson

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