The Missionary To-Do List that Saved My Life

Mission Preparation Countdown Timeline

I can’t even expressed how much this kept me on task and helped me remember what needs to get done in those 100 days (no joke, I had exactly that many days) I had to prepare for a mission. So I’ll share it with all of you, because if your as clueless as me on preparing everything for a mission.

It is from the blog “Prepared LDS Family” and it is more specific to the elders, but it works perfectly fine for all those sisters out there too! And here is the original source:

I’m telling ya, that if you are preparing for a mission, you don’t want to forget something important (like deferring your scholarship or something) until the week before you go! Hope this helps some sister like me out!

Love you all, Sincerely, an (almost) sister missionary!….which will change in like, 2 days!


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