Sister Missionary Packing List

>>>>Packing List<<<<

A Bit of Advice to Future Sister Missionaries:

Packing everything you need for 18 months on a mission without over-packing is hard enough. It’s stressful enough to just find cute clothes. And then you want to make sure you have enough clothes so you won’t hate yourself by the time you leave the MTC for not packing more. And somehow there’s also having to fit all your personal items, bedding, medicine, etc without the checked bags weighing over 50lbs each. Stressed yet?? Either way, not having a list to go off too, is too much stress for one future sister missionary handle (at least me).

So I looked off over 10 packing lists made by other sisters during their experiences packing to see what they wish they brought, what they wished they didn’t bring, and more.

So my first piece of advice is to have a list ready when you go shopping. I mean like the heavy duty shopping at Walmart getting literally EVERYTHING you need from luggage tags to sunscreen to a bijillion half-socks. First of all, it is super rewarding to check those things off your list. Secondly, it makes shopping sooooooo much easier and saves time from running back and forth to the store (as much haha).

And then use that list when you pack. It gives you the relief of knowing that everything you shopped for and crossed off that list is packed away safely into your bags.

Roll up your clothes, it saves a ton of space

Put heavy things on the bottom and lighter things on the top so things won’t be crushed!

If you are overweight with your baggage or close too it, some of the things that people said to do is ship your bedding and outerwear to your mission home if you won’t need it at the MTC, leave behind the missionary library (True to the Faith, Our Heritage, Jesus the Christ, and the Plan of Happiness) because pretty much every apartment in the field has some, and leave behind hangers (they won’t have some at the MTC but you’ll survive without them).

Lastly, shop early on, pack early on, and good luck! Don’t pack the day before you leave….just no. Trust me, you will thank me later.


And Here Is the packing list i made and used!

>>>>Packing List<<<<



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