I’m doing awesome everyone! Like literally no worries, fo’ reals it’s weird, but good!

P-day is the best thing that could ever happen in the MTC. We woke up at like 5:15 so we could do our laundry so we could do whateves in the day. It was pouring rain this morning! So cool! And then we had service, and then temple, and then lunch at main campus, printed off some emails to read, and then took a nap, and now I’m here! Good stuff! 🙂 
Choir is pretty sweet! We sing every Sunday, and do practices on tuesdays! Somehow we always end up on the first row. So if somehow you can watch the mtc devotionals, do it…..watch me. I want to be famous…..
And okay, in choir practice I met a girl that is from El Paso and went to Ciudad Juarez all the time!  She went there to go on temple visits all the time and she has sweet mexi dress (not maxi, mexi) and said they’re only like 1-2 dollars each. So you best believe I will have a traditional mexican dress shopping spree before I leave!
Last Sunday the hermanas in our district sang a musical number in sacrament meeting, “I know that my Redeemer lives” and it was so amazing! It was partially in spanish and in english, and Hermana Steele gave the third verse in a solo! 🙂
“I’ve never had a district with this much energy and personality.” -One of our teachers, Hermano Snyder. Nothing sums it our district better. We have focusing issues sometimes, and random fiestas, playing in the rain parties, donut eating, and yeahhhh. But come on, studying gets real old real fast and everyone likes donuts! haha 😉   <—-not sure if winky faces are missionary appropriate but whatever.
Bonnie Oscarson aka the YWs president came and spoke to us for devotional this last tuesday, so that was cool!
In our branch presidency, there this man named Brother Monson (nephew to the President Tommy Monson) who is my favorite. He is the most amazing at stories. He goes of onto a thousand tangents and you think his story is going nowhere…until the very end where everything comes together perfectly, but there is no way anyone but himself can explain the story again. For example he once started off talking (just talking, he doesn’t even plan it) and saying how “everything you need to know in life you can learn from three movies: Miracle on 34th street, It’s a Wonderful life, and White Christmas. Anything else you can learn from MASH.” and then somehow gets into a deep story and simply amazes you with the moral significance. Also he said that thomas s monson is one of those people that always spills on their shirt. FACT!
As hermanas in our district, we have a hatred for just one rule in the women’s dressing and grooming guidelines, which is shaving our legs….yep its a rule. Makeup is also highly encouraged. but they crossed the line when they said we need to shave our legs. Ain’t nobody got time for dat!  Really tho, we only get like 20 minutes to get ready in the morning–including if we want to shower or anything.
Things I need to try when I get home in 17 1/2 months:  Okay, there is like this german chocolate that they sell at the little creamery store here called bueno. it’s hazelnut flavored and like ferrero chocolate, but better. Also, swig cookies–the best sugar cookies you could ever taste in your life. Galletas es vida! And yesterday, an elder from St. George told me of this magical (at least I think so) drink containing dr. pepper, coconut flavor, and a little bit of cream. If you know how much I loooove dr. pepper, you could have imagined my reaction to this.
Everything is gratefully and honestly doing awesome here. Like I’ve had no worries, even with spanish…which I’m not that amazing at. But I’ve learned so much just within 3 short weeks. Everything is in spanish in class, we pray in spanish, we learn in spanish, we teach in spanish, we sleep in spanish (jk haha 😉 at least not yet!) Time really flies by, and it’s so fun. I love teaching the lessons to the investigors in class, we also made other appointments with more investigators (though they are actors, but still so nice and awesome) outside of class. Studying is long, but good. My district is the best, we are like family. I love you all! I miss you! but not too much 😉
Love, Hermana Bunderson
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Fo Reals! I was looking in the dictionary one day and found that little piece of info that blew my mind! 😉 Okay, and this week was really super eventful, so in order to make sure I don’t forget anything cool, I’ll write it out day by day!

Sunday: are the busiest day’s of a missionaries existence! You are literally on the go or studying all hours of the day. And since me and my companion are the zone sister training leaders we had to go to 4 additional leadership meetings because we are so cool. So I didn’t really have time to study or chill at all. Seriously. We even missed choir because we wanted to eat food.  The awesome part of it was having an epic devotional that evening where the speaker called up converts on the spot who before they were converted and now missionaries, they didn’t believe in God. It was really amazing stories. The church is true is all I can pretty much say about that. And after the devotional we got to pick what video we wanted to watch, so our district watched “character of christ” by Bednar. So good! it’s probably over an hour long, but if you have time (maybe FHE or something) watch it! Literally the best talk I’ve ever heard! 
We found 4 more elders that are going to Ciudad Juarez that are not in my district! Mom: one of them is the one like medieros? or something from FB! So there is a total of 10 missionaries going to the same mission as me! Huzzah! 🙂
Monday: Btw my companion is awesome! And I loooovvvvee the other hermanas in my district! We are all so close! And pretty much my district is hilarious, not to brag or anything haha 😉 Oh and today we were teaching our investigator again and I was so prepared and everything, but literally 30 seconds before going in to teach her while me and Hermana Steele were studying in the back room together, our new teacher that day brother snyder told us we couldn’t use notes at all. I don’t know why, but suddenly I became so stressed and started crying and hyperventillating and just couldn’t stop. But Brother Snyder was so kind and helped for for over an hour to comfort me and let me know to have faith in the Lord. We even listened to Consider the Lilies from his Ipod and read a scripture D&C 84: 82-83, and 85. It was so good and so humbling. The other hermanas came in too and we had like a little spiritual testimony pow-pow. And when we finally went in there to teach Chari (our investigator) three hours later it was so good. We didn’t have anything prepared or anything, and we didn’t know like any spanish, but it was so spiritual and just so good. I felt at peace. And afterwords, things were just so good…like we were so dang happy! Dinner was awesome, we disobidiently ate cookies as a district outside during study time and opened our packages. I also got some letters! It was soo good! Good day.
Tuesday: Today my companion Hermana Steele had to go to SLC for her visa thing, so I was with the other two hermanas in our district! We were the 3 amigas! While waiting for them to finish their lesson with Chari that day, I was just chilling with the teacher in the park waiting for them. And then he told me to contact the two “visitors” in the park! So now I have a appointment on tuesday! Huzzah! It was all by myself too! 🙂 After my companion got back, we got to go to choir! We sang “nearer our God to thee” and it was pretty fun, even though I can’t sing haha 🙂 Oh and somehow my music sheet disappeared magically in like two seconds. I believe it’s the manifestations of my beginner magical abilities like in Harry Potter, if that makes sense! if not, just go with it haha 😉
Wednesday: We got four new hermanas in our zone! So we got to do orientation with them and give them the tour! So that was super cool! Oh and we also contacted Marco right before our lesson with Chari, so we have another appointment monday morning. We played district kickball too so that was epic! We lost, but whateves haha…But I will get my revenge one day! 😉 Today overall was same same though, so much studying (like 10 hours of it). We had a district fiesta outside because everyone was brain dead. So we had salsa and chips and doughnuts haha 😉 
Thursday: Funniest day of my entire life. hahaha Today us hermanas were literally rolling on the floor laughing! hahahaha we played MASH for Hermana Steele’s future when we finished everything and didn’t want to do any more of that nasty studying! I’ll forward you the pic of her future 😉 And the whole time the elders were trying to break in to the room to see what we were up to, so we had to improvise. You just had to be there, we were dying on the floor with laughter. torilla=omlette. I win!!!! lol Anyways, our district taught the new district for two hours about the missionary purpose because they didn’t have a teacher! So that was kind of cool…kind of…if teaching people is your thing 😉 Chari is now our teacher! Crazy right! And apparently she’s not mexican, she’s samoan. haha And her name is Sarah Toalafoa. Kind of weird, and she pretty much lied to all of us, but we still love her!  Oh there is a elder here that looks EXACTLY like the guy from fault in our stars!!!! For reals! Even his facial expressions and everything! Also that night us hermanas spent an hour cracking each others backs by standing on each other and that overall night was just hilarious. we were insane. I would blame drugs but I’m in the mtc and they don’t have that stuff here 😉
Friday: Was kind of a stressful day. Not that eventful. Everyone just really wanted P-day. We also played district v. district kickball with the new district and we lost soooo bad. Everyone in their district is super sporty and we are only somewhat kind of sporty. haha idk what I’m saying
Saturday: Today! It’s p-day so it’s automatically the best. We went to an endowment session at the temple in the morning. Did service (aka cleaning the classrooms). Printed off some emails to read so it wouldn’t take up all my time for emailing. Ate lunch at the main campus, and oh my gosh is their cafeteria huge! There is so many options for food! Did laundy, and now we are here!
Love you all! Hopefully my letter was somewhat understandable! Spanish is going good! 🙂 I’ll send you pictures! 🙂 
Hermana Cami Bunderson
(the cooliest hermana in existence jk haha)

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1st Week at MTC!!

IMG_0698 IMG_0700 IMG_0701IMG_0693 IMG_0677 IMG_0680 IMG_0683 IMG_0686 Hola! How is everything? Que pasa? haha I miss you all! But not too much thankfully! 😉 The West campus is awesome! All of the spanish speaking missionaries go there, and it’s all in apartments so it’s real cool! It’s pretty dang crazy that I’ve already have been here for 4 days–I’m already speaking in spanglish haha ;), but seriously though, I know 100% more Spanish than I did just under a week ago! Estoy bien! 🙂

 My companion is the girl I met over Facebook because she was going to the same mission as me! Hermana Steele! 😀 It is awesome how we ended up being companions, and by the way, she is amazing! There are two other hermanas in my district-which is like our class, and also we four hermanas are the only ones in our zone! That surprised me a ton! I was super surprised that there weren’t more sisters here!
My district has 12 people in it and we all are stuffed into a class with is actually a small apartment living room haha…so it’s a little squishy! My district is fun though! You can tell the elders are all 18 but they are so respectful and gentlemen to us hermanas! Oh and half of the elders have nicknames lol  Like Elder Mcelhaney is Elder Mack Danny because his name is too hard to remember sometimes! And Elder Imlay is elder indian haha
The apartments we stay in are pretty nice, there is storage space galore–even in the bathroom! There is literally like a closet the size of a pantry in our bathroom haha 🙂 Anyways, my district is so fun! it’s like a fiesta all the time–though like a spiritual fiesta where there is no dancing allowed haha 😉
The first thing I realized when i unpacked is that i have so much stuff. i literally have no time to do anything with hair and makeup (think under 25 minutes to wake up and be out the door).  I’m definitely going to have to send stuff home before I go to mexico, because i will not even use them. Though mom, I’m going to need ‘dem ugly sister missionary shoes after all. My feet hurt 😦 Funny story while i’m talking about shoes though, my companion, Hermana Steele, and I were walking to the main campus because she needed her typhoid shot still. They just barely laid out new asphalt at the intersection in front of the MTC, and as we were walking across the street, the heat from the asphalt burned a hole through one of her shoes and her sock! It is a hole the size of a quarter! Yeah….she ain’t going to be wearing those shoes no more! haha no worries though, she didn’t burn her feet or anything! 🙂
Another funny story, the second night our smoke alarm went off in the middle of the night like 3 times. It was terrible! I was too lazy to even get out of bed, so luckily there wasn’t a fire or anything because I would’ve died haha 😉
Already we have taught an “investigator” in spanish!  Huzzah! We actually like taught her for like 20 minutes! Time flew by so fast! One of the elders in our district forgot to bring his scriptures into the meeting so their lesson was only like 5 minutes because that was what their whole lesson was based on! haha funny 🙂
 And then my companion and I already gave a devotional for our district. It was based off of her favorite mormon message: wrong roads by Jeffery R Holland. Watch it! soo good 🙂 My companion and I also got put in as the new sister training leaders for our zone. I’m also senior companion just because I was born earlier in the year, crazy huh?
Haha the elders in my district think I have a spanish accent and am from latin decent somehow because I sound like JLo (Jennifer Lopez) hahahaha….I have no words for this! XD
Today is my P-day (Saturday)! It will be that way for all of the time in the MTC! So write me emails! 🙂 Anyways, since today was P-day it is super chill! We got to go to the temple this morning and do some initiatories, so that was amazing! I love the temple! 🙂
Also the food here is delicious! Better than Top Ramen and hotdogs for sure haha! I think I’ll never leave! jk ;)…though I’m probably going to get fat here. :/
Oh quick spanish lesson! Pecado=sin   but…. pescado=fish! haha it’s an inside joke that I don’t know how to explain, but oh well!
No worries about pictures! My district takes a lot of them….haha we take selfies 😉 Family: I really did forget my charger….please send me it! My camera is dead 😦 But anyways, my district will be emailing our pictures to each other so there will be a lot of pictures to send you all…eventually haha 😉
I love it here! it’s super crazy and it feels like school sometimes because it’s so busy and sooo much spanish! But it’s good at the same time! This is where I know I should be!
Con Amor,
Hermana Cami Bunderson

It’s true isn’t it? Then what else matters?

There I so many things that I’m going to miss out by going on a mission for eighteen months. I’m pretty sure I can’t continue my eating obsession with fry sauce, nutella, salt and vinegar chips, ice cream, pickles, and black pepper spits. I won’t have time for hour-long dance parties/concerts  all by myself in my room, let alone my kind of music isn’t really “mission appropriate.” I will miss my family. I will miss my friends and even those people at church I don’t really know. And oh my gosh I’m going to miss my family. I will miss Christmas twice being away from my family. All the birthdays, weddings, parties, and everything else.

So why am I doing this? Is it self-punishment? haha no.It’s not just for the amazing Mexican food I will soon get to enjoy, I’ll tell you that. It’s not because I’m not married or don’t have anything to do with my life either.

In one of my favorite talks, President Gordon B. Hinckley talks with a recent convert who is flying home to his family. It says:

"It's true, isn't it?  Then what else matters?"  ~Gordon B. Hinckley“I met a naval officer from a distant nation, a brilliant young man who had been brought to the United States for advanced training. Some of his associates in the United States Navy, whose behavior had attracted him, shared with him at his request their religious beliefs. He was not a Christian, but he was interested. They told him of the Savior of the world, Jesus Christ, born in Bethlehem, who gave his life for all mankind. They told him of the appearance of God, the Eternal Father, and the resurrected Lord to the boy Joseph Smith. They spoke of modern prophets. They taught him the gospel of the Master. The Spirit touched his heart, and he was baptized.

He was introduced to me just before he was to return to his native land. We spoke of these things, and then I said: “Your people are not Christians. What will happen when you return home a Christian, and, more particularly, a Mormon Christian?”

His face clouded, and he replied, “My family will be disappointed. They may cast me out and regard me as dead. As for my future and my career, all opportunity may be foreclosed against me.”

I asked, “Are you willing to pay so great a price for the gospel?”

His dark eyes, moistened by tears, shone from his handsome brown face as he answered, “It’s true, isn’t it?”

Ashamed at having asked the question, I responded, “Yes, it’s true.”

To which he replied, “Then what else matters?””

I’m going because the church is true. This church, this gospel is true. We really do have a Heavenly Father that loves us more than we can ever imagine and hears our prayers. Christ really did suffer and die on that cross for our behalf, and Joseph Smith really did pray in order to find out which of all sects were true and then those two heavenly personages appeared too him. The scriptures are true. It is all true. Anything less, would not be worth putting 18 months of my life on hold. But missions are called of God, and we truly represent Christ as we preach the gospel to the world. Because this gospel is true, people need to know about it. They need to know how gospel blesses families and how families can be sealed together for eternity. They need to know they are never alone, and that Heavenly Father loves them and will help them through their trials in life.

February Come, Follow Me lesson handout. Moses 1:39. Scripture mastery verse.It is all too easy to take the gospel for granted. I know I do. But in reality, the gospel changes lives. We know this. And if you are anything like me, somehow you still are afraid of preaching the gospel, of being rejected, of being inadequate. But the truth is, preaching the gospel is the most important thing we can do. “For behold, this is my work and my glory–to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man.” Moses 1:39  This is God’s work, and this is where he gets his glory–seeing his children come unto Christ and obtain eternal life.

Our purpose of missionaries is also to “invite others to come unto Christ”. This is our work–it is the work of the Lord.  And it is worth it. So serve the Lord with all of your might, mind, and strength–because you cannot fail.

“Remember the worth of souls is great in the sight of God; And if it so be that you should labor all your days in crying repentance unto this people, and bring, save it be one soul unto me, how great shall be your joy with him in the kingdom of my Father! And now, if your joy will be great with one soul that you have brought unto me into the kingdom of my Father, how great will be your joy if you should bring many souls unto me!” D&C 18:10, 15-16

The Missionary To-Do List that Saved My Life

Mission Preparation Countdown Timeline

I can’t even expressed how much this kept me on task and helped me remember what needs to get done in those 100 days (no joke, I had exactly that many days) I had to prepare for a mission. So I’ll share it with all of you, because if your as clueless as me on preparing everything for a mission.

It is from the blog “Prepared LDS Family” and it is more specific to the elders, but it works perfectly fine for all those sisters out there too! And here is the original source:


I’m telling ya, that if you are preparing for a mission, you don’t want to forget something important (like deferring your scholarship or something) until the week before you go! Hope this helps some sister like me out!

Love you all, Sincerely, an (almost) sister missionary!….which will change in like, 2 days!

Sister Missionary Packing List

>>>>Packing List<<<<

A Bit of Advice to Future Sister Missionaries:

Packing everything you need for 18 months on a mission without over-packing is hard enough. It’s stressful enough to just find cute clothes. And then you want to make sure you have enough clothes so you won’t hate yourself by the time you leave the MTC for not packing more. And somehow there’s also having to fit all your personal items, bedding, medicine, etc without the checked bags weighing over 50lbs each. Stressed yet?? Either way, not having a list to go off too, is too much stress for one future sister missionary handle (at least me).

So I looked off over 10 packing lists made by other sisters during their experiences packing to see what they wish they brought, what they wished they didn’t bring, and more.

So my first piece of advice is to have a list ready when you go shopping. I mean like the heavy duty shopping at Walmart getting literally EVERYTHING you need from luggage tags to sunscreen to a bijillion half-socks. First of all, it is super rewarding to check those things off your list. Secondly, it makes shopping sooooooo much easier and saves time from running back and forth to the store (as much haha).

And then use that list when you pack. It gives you the relief of knowing that everything you shopped for and crossed off that list is packed away safely into your bags.

Roll up your clothes, it saves a ton of space

Put heavy things on the bottom and lighter things on the top so things won’t be crushed!

If you are overweight with your baggage or close too it, some of the things that people said to do is ship your bedding and outerwear to your mission home if you won’t need it at the MTC, leave behind the missionary library (True to the Faith, Our Heritage, Jesus the Christ, and the Plan of Happiness) because pretty much every apartment in the field has some, and leave behind hangers (they won’t have some at the MTC but you’ll survive without them).

Lastly, shop early on, pack early on, and good luck! Don’t pack the day before you leave….just no. Trust me, you will thank me later.


And Here Is the packing list i made and used!

>>>>Packing List<<<<


Ogden Temple Openhouse

I had the opportunity yesterday of being able to go to the Ogden Temple openhouse! For all of you that have not yet had the chance to go, it is amazing! I believe it is the most beautiful temple I’ve got to see the inside of. Good thing I live so close to it! Watch out future husband out there, we gonna get married in THIS temple!…or St. George, Salt Lake, or San Diego. haha

I was going to post the pictures we took of up standing all cute outside the temple, but those pictures….were really….awkward. :S haha sorry!

And if any of you can’t make it to the Openhouse or afterwards go to the temple, want to figure out how to make a reservation, or are curious to how it looks like inside! Check out the post on it with official pictures (taken by the church) on mormonnewsroom.org right HERE!   (though trust me, it looks soooooo much better in person where you can feel the spirit and truly see the beauty of it!)