I’m in a love/hate relationship with practicing Spanish. I’d like to start with how grateful I am to be learning the Spanish, especially instead of I don’t know Japanese or anything else! Spanish just makes sense to me. But those 2 years of Spanish I took in high school? Gone. No hablo espanol. So I put together all of my old spanish notes and stole my little brother’s spanish 1A class notes and hit the books! But starting over at the beginning re-learning everything is frustrating….I’ll just leave it at that! 🙂

In this process, a few things I’ve found helpful is a Duolingo app! It’s totally free, and kind of fun! Muy divertido! 😀  For my birthday I got a mini Predicad mi Evangelico (Preach my Gospel) and the hymnos (hymal), plus I have a Spanish BOM! Because duolingo just doesn’t really make the cut in religious terminology. Duolingo is more “los gatos beben leche en la manana.” Yeeaaaaahh…..

So here is a lil list of my favorite Spanish study resources!

Spanish PMG:  I highly recommend buying a mini one of these before you get to the MTC! It is pretty much all the terminology and phrases you NEED to know once you get out into the mission field. Plus It is TONS easier to read and simpler than reading straight from the Spanish Book of Mormon.

Spanish Hymn book and CDS: You already know the music and the lyrics, so it makes it that much easier to understand the Spanish version!

Duolingo: If you haven’t tried this out yet, and you need to know the basics, this is the best!!

My Mission Language: This is ran through BYU, and it is specific to learning things like “how to say a prayer” and “how to testify” in spanish. You need a lds account in order to log in though! (And this my just be my opinion, but it is very boring)

Espanol Notas: The condensed version of everything you learned in jr high spanish 1 class! I created this PDF file so it is all in one place if anyone needs a place to start! It’s not super extensive and not all the way completed, but it still helps me a ton!


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