Hello! I leave in exactly 63 days and I’m just beyond excited. This this week was crazy busy I got all of my appointments set up, and next week it’s on for the dreaded typhoid shot, vacation in Bear Lake, work (unfortunately haha), and most importantly, going through the Logan temple for the first time! (:

Anyways, I love working out, a lot. Downside though, I’m a lazy bum, and getting in those 30 minutes a day to exercise is going to be a challenge with those early mornings. So in hopes of warding off my perpetual laziness, I made this fun little workout book to give me workout ideas and motivation when I’m…well…lazy and pretty much don’t want to work out! It’s pretty much a compilation of workouts I found, with the wonderful help of Pinterest and some of my other favorite workout sites! So I’d thought I’d share it with all of you in case it can help out someone else! Let me know what you think! (:

Love,  Cami

soon to be Hermana Bunderson


p.s. I’m thinking I’m going to make additional PDFs for recipes, conference talks, quotes, and other good stuff…..Maybe, no promises haha


It’s in PDF form, and I believe it comes to about 23 pages. Just view, download, print, or whatever!



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